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Rachel Flips for Jill Sorenson’s FREEFALL

by on October 1, 2013

Kiss and Thrill

I first contacted Jill Sorenson about an interview at Kiss and Thrill after I finished reading CAUGHT IN THE ACT, because I loved not just the story and the characters, but also her writing style. Basically, Jill writes my kind of romantic suspense. Her characters feel real, they make mistakes, they have strong chemistry, and she writes an intense, involved suspense storyline.

freefall_300We set a date for the interview and to prepare, I nabbed a copy of FREEFALL as soon as it was released. Regular readers of this blog may recall my post from last fall about my family’s whitewater rafting trip, Adventures on Dragon’s Tooth, and remember that I love whitewater rafting. So imagine my surprise and joy when I started reading FREEFALL and discovered that this non-stop thriller wasn’t just about mountain climbing, but also included whitewater rafting scenes.

Sexy characters, great plot, and whitewater rafting?…

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